A pleasant sort of fatigue

It might be the last thing packed but it will be one of the most appreciated – a small flask of whisky. You may not be able to use ‘medicinal purposes’ as an excuse, it remains though, the best thing after a long day outdoors. It’s deep dull warmth intensely satisfying while the air cools beyond the walls of the tent, the hut.

Beer might be thirst quenching but try lugging a dozen on a long tramp and then try keeping them cold. Anyway, once chores are done and heavy meals have been made and eaten, something stronger than beer is in order. Single malts or blends, cheap or expensive – it doesn’t really matter. The mix of outdoor air, wood-fire smoke, camping mugs and company mean they all taste good.

As for varieties, my own preference is for bourbon in summer, Scotch or Irish Whiskey in winter. Bourbon’s sweet grassy tang is perfect for warm nights, verandas and river beds. Whereas Scotch and Irish Whiskey with their malt and peat flavours taste best on a cold evening where a fire is nearby. In any case, the effect is the same: a pleasant sort of fatigue and a tendency for proud talk about a long day, a job well done.