When I'm Lost

A poem for lost tramper Stephen Bennett

I was in my kitchen listening to the radio news and heard the story of Steven Bennett, a 28 year old British tourist tramping in Paparoa on the West Coast. He had been missing for two days and was only prepared for a day tramp. For some reason at that time I felt a connection. I thought, if it was me, I would be wondering if anyone was thinking about me. When I wrote this poem, standing at the kitchen bench, I almost felt like I was sending a wish out to the snow.

In the next broadcast, he had been found alive, only suffering from mild hypothermia. It seemed unlikely to have a happy ending, but it did.

When I'm Lost (in Paparoa)

When I'm lost I'm only
        dressed in light
clothing &
        carrying a day
pack, snow
        drifts under
my skin, I don't know
        my family are flying
to join the
        search for me.
When I'm found I'm only
        dressed in light.