If You Can Walk...


If you can walk, you can snowshoe goes the saying. There are several ways you can enjoy the mountains year round: with skis, a snowboard, an ice axe. A pair of snowshoes adds two more.

On the Edge of the Ocean

First starts in surfcasting

No matter where you are in New Zealand right now, whether on top of Mount Cook or lost in backblocks Otago, you are less than 120 kilometres from the coast. Surfcasting, rock fishing, whichever way you go about it, there is plenty of opportunity to throw a hook into the sea and hope for something to eat.

From Attic to Ocean

Building a vintage kayak

It was there at the end of my attic, all but hidden behind a stack of dusty books and 1940’s photography magazines, a long skeletal wooden shape. I was only there to fix the hot water tank, my first time in the attic, and had no idea it contained this treasure trove of old stuff. Immediately I forgot about the water and began to rummage.