Finding a Teacher

Learning from the fieldguide

I have been a tramper for years now, marching off into the bush with friends to enjoy the scenery and their company when I can. I‘ve learnt to cross rivers and, more importantly, to tell when not to cross. I’ve walked in both islands, on beaches, in bush and on mountain tops, and I’ve been out in all seasons. And yet, ask me what I’ve seen and I’d say trees, shrubs and birds.

All Hail the Manu King

The art of the bomb

First there is the rush of weightlessness as you fall, then the shock of plunging into cold water, followed by a kind of calm satisfaction as you float up afterwards. Whether it’s diving off a cliff into a river swimming hole, or leaping from a wharf into the ocean, jumping from heights is a favourite summer pastime for many, myself included.

Beyond the Badlands

Exploring Aorangi Forest Park

It was here that Bill Ralston had his head chopped off, with the Putangirua Pinnacles featuring in not one but two of Peter Jackson’s films: Braindead and a Lord of the Rings. In each they were stand ins for terrifying sites, the home of an infected rat-monkey and the lair of a ghost army respectively.

Chasing Grey Ghosts

In search of the South Island kōkako

My bird nerd status was earned at age ten with school holidays spent helping to release saddleback on Kapiti Island. A lifelong obsession was fledged. Now, as a 30-something with kids, time in the wild is hard to come by, but a couple of times a year a group of city-bound mates and I escape to the hills.

Travels with My Mother

A postcard from Punga Cove, Marlborough Sounds

The Tramper’s Las Vegas

A postcard from the Orongorongo Valley


A postcard from Mount Somers

Just Over There

A Postcard from Kenepuru Sound, Marlborough

Heading South

A postcard from Macquarie Island

Time of the Season

A Postcard from Alpha Hut


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