First Catch Your Pie

Post tramp decisions

As we come down to flat land and the trail is near an end our thoughts turn to food and our decision making skills are put to the test yet again. What will be our first meal now the menu is no longer limited to the freeze dried or portable?

Bangers and Mash

Quick and hearty camp stove fare

Elaborate meals of fresh produce, fine cuts of meat and quality condiments are great when you have kitchen cupboards and a fridge full of supplies. But when you need to carry everything on your back, they tend to lose their appeal.

Thankfully, simple fare is just as satisfying after a long day’s walk. A particular favourite of mine is that humble dish, bangers and mash.

Spuds, Flames and Tinfoil

The perfect campfire potato

S’mores, marshmallows on a stick, the weenie roast - the Americans have created a whole culture of processed foods made burnt and gooey by campfire. New Zealand’s equivalent to all of this is much, much humbler, but better for you and more subtly moreish: the tinfoil wrapped potato.

Plain and Simple

Cooking camp stove rice

Rice is an ideal outdoors food. Light weight and indestructible, it swells to three times its size when cooked. For these reasons it had the grudging respect of early New Zealand outdoorsmen.


A pleasant sort of fatigue

It might be the last thing packed but it will be one of the most appreciated – a small flask of whisky. You may not be able to use ‘medicinal purposes’ as an excuse, it remains though, the best thing after a long day outdoors. It’s deep dull warmth intensely satisfying while the air cools beyond the walls of the tent, the hut.