Other Goody-Goodies Involving Nuts

Making the perfect scroggin

You could write an entire book on the various names for what we call scroggin. Admittedly it would make for a boring read, but it would have one clear theme: this stuff has been around for ages, eaten in umpton different places with just as many different names. For the Americans it’s trail mix or gorp, for the Germans it’s Studentenfutter. Bwyd Dewey is the Welsh.

An Excellent Substitute

Edible plants from the New Zealand bush

I have often daydreamed about being lost in the bush, having to live off the land like a pioneer explorer or the less offensive, Bear Grylls. As I pass by all the kawakawa, totara, ponga, and countless other plant species I do not know the names of, I wonder about all the potential meals to be had in a time of need. If only I knew what was good eating.

This is no Tim Tam

The Tararua Biscuit

Do you remember infomercials? Those strange adverts for things you didn’t know you needed: an attachment for vacuuming venetians, a ladder that folded like origami; and most famously the Ginsu, the kitchen knife strong enough to cut a shoe.

The Dried Food Aisle

Packing light and on the cheap

There are some great options out there for eating well in the back of beyond: freeze-dried, all-in-one meals that weigh next to nothing. They taste pretty good too. But, like all flash outdoors gear they come at a price, almost $10 for a single serving. You’ll also need to go to a specialist retailer to find them.

Set a Course for Adventure

The banana boat

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Like the Love Boat before it, the banana boat has connotations of romance and wistful luxury. Yet you can achieve this in the wilderness with nothing more than a piece of fruit, chocolate, tinfoil and a campfire.