Endeavour and Adventure

An interview with Shaun Barnett

For almost 20 years Shaun Barnett has made his living from writing and photographing New Zealand’s wild places, a career built on his own love of the bush and mountains. He has written best-selling tramping guides, an introduction to New Zealand’s natural history and, together with Rob Brown and Geoff Spearpoint, a history of backcountry huts.

The Survivors

The stories of the Rose-Noelle

Every few years the battered hull of the Rose-Noelle washes ashore again. Skipper John Glennie published his account in 1990 one year after the doomed trimaran hit the rocks at Great Barrier Island. In 1993, crew member Jim Nalepka wrote Capsized, his version of events. A TV documentary was screened in 1997. And most recently it was the subject of a play by Ken Duncum.

Denizens of the Gloom

The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau

Hairy quicksilver shapes that wing out of the brine
Or sound into the dark for iridescent prey.
Entrenched in oblivion denizens of the gloom

From "A Time for Peace" by Jacques Cousteau

Footsteps on the Verandah

The haunted outdoors

Jack Skinner alone can surely boast
Of having seen the Godley Ghost;
'T'was way up in the Sardine Hut,
Where spooks and phantoms nightly strut,
For there, among the rocks and water,
He saw the famous Devil 's daughter.

Around the bend

First attempts at family camping

We decided on Otaki Forks for our first family camping holiday. It was far away enough to jostle the synapses. There was no cell phone coverage. There was a section of unsealed corrugated road, and a small ford. Enough deterrents that anyone going there had to go there on purpose, yet close enough to home that we could bail if the going got too tough.