Running Hot and Cold

The pleasure of a cold swim after a day in the outdoors

For ten years I never set foot in a sauna. An early attempt had almost resulted in disaster. It took place in a cheap motel, the sauna made from flimsy yellow fibreglass - two friends were taking bets as to who could stand it the longest. After what seemed like hours but was probably only a few minutes I couldn’t take it any longer. My head swirled, I couldn’t breath and I felt nauseous.

The Frog and the Bunny Rabbit

An excerpt from John Summers' new book

We are 18-wheeler-to-Dargaville excited about John Summers' new book of creative non-fiction that's coming out this week. John is an editor, co-founder and regular contributor for Up Country.

The Materials at Hand

The possibility of a log cabin

I picked up a book from my friend’s coffee table. It was about building styles from around the world and I flicked through it, barely looking at the pages, while I waited for him to come back with our drinks. And then I saw it, a cabin of grey, notched logs sitting in a field somewhere remote. It was the start of what has been a five-year daydream, the possibility of a log cabin.

Keas Rule, OK?

An interview with Philip Temple

Philip Temple is an explorer in more ways than one. At 23 he was part of the expedition to first climb the Carstensz Pyramide in West Papua, one of the seven summits of the seven continents. A feat he followed with the first ascent of Big Ben on the Antarctic Heard Island.

Collect the Set

Remembering New Zealand’s Nature Heritage

How many school projects owed their existence to New Zealand’s Nature Heritage? A mid 70s part series - covering everything from fossil penguins to podocarps, from scree slopes to sea dragons of the Mesozoic, they must have been a godsend for kids approaching their homework deadline in that pre Wikipedia age.