A Billy of Black Tea

Going bush with Man Alone

The man is Johnson. He comes to New Zealand after the First World War. He moves around, working on farms, on boats and in a road crew. Then things turn bad and he heads for the bush, tramping through the Rangipo Desert, the area known to most Kiwis for the Desert Road, and hiding out for months in the Kaimanawa Ranges. He carries only flour, tobacco and tea, a gun and an axe.

Wild Talking

The art of the tramping conversation

Tramping is not about walking. For a lot of people it is just as much about talking while they are walking. Also talking while between walking and talking while falling, stumbling, sliding, puffing. Tramping is an ideal activity to shoot-the-shit with your buddies or, if you prefer to go alone, shoot-the-shit with yourself.